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    Portable Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Device

    Wellife Portable Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Device is an intelligent emergency device applied to the patients occur cardiac arrest. This device can revive patients occur all kinds of cardiac arrest in different situations through two different modes. One mode is CC mode —— continuous compression mode, and the compression frequency is not less than 100 times per minute, the other mode is CPR mode with compression-ventilation ratio of 30:2.

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    Nachitin can prevent adhesions and promote wound healing. So it supplies a safer guarantee to the surgical doctors and improves the quality of patient outcome. Nachitin is called as “good assistant of operation security”.

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    Yoddy is researched and developed independently by Yantai Wanli Medical Equipment Co. Ltd. It has effects of moistening cornea and preventing inflammation, so it can apply a convenient, safe, effective method to prevent exposure keratitis.

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    Yokee Catheter Fixation Device is a kind of professional catheter fixation device, which can replace traditional tape fixing method to deliver good fixation efficacy for various clinical catheters. Further Yokee Catheter Fixation Device can promise free drainage and reduce complications of patients with catheter.